We are here produce solutions for all your needs.

We provide consultancy and construction real estate sales support in dozens of different sectors for all your needs.
ADESYN | Construction • Investment

We are here for all your needs.

Construction Services


We manage all your construction projects alongside you and work diligently to ensure their successful completion.

Project Design

We provide architectural drawing and design services for the successful realization of your envisioned projects.

Expert Consultants

Our expert consultants assess your ideas in detail, conduct risk analysis, and provide guidance.

Investment Consulting

Real Estate

We are at your service with our expert consultants for real estate investments abroad.


Our expert consultants conduct market analysis to identify the right investment opportunities for you.

Risk management

We calculate all potential risks for you and assist you in making informed investments.

Legal Consultancy

Legal Experts

We provide solutions for you and your legal needs with our expert legal consultants.

File Analysis

Our expert legal consultants conduct detailed analysis and research for all your legal files.

Process Management

Our expert consultants manage and conclude all your legal processes on your behalf.


Those who trust us


Those who trust us

Which areas do we provide services in?

Greeting and Transfer

We are here for your airport greeting and transfer needs.

Guide Service

We are here for all your guide and sightseeing tour needs.

Real Estate Services

We are here to assist with the execution of your housing projects and provide sales and marketing services.

Accommodation Services

We are here to assist with hotel reservations and accommodation needs.

Financial and Legal Consultancy

We are here for all your financial and legal consultancy service needs.

Residency and Citizenship

We carefully prepare your residency and citizenship application processes.

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